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How Kittens Help With Depression?

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Did you know that the U.S. is one of the most depressed countries in the world?

This is not a random fact. This is according to the data published by the World Health Organization.

While therapy is certainly essential to let you get out of the phase of depression, but depending entirely on it will not certainly be a great idea.

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort”

– James Harriot

So, if you are desperately looking for a reason to live with an ESA- turn your eyes to these “meow” buddies. You can easily get an emotional support animal letter for a cat online these days.

A study carried out by the Mental Health Foundation in partnership with Cats Protection and interviewed 600 people, both cat owners, and non-cat owners.

More than 85% of cat owners confirmed the positive impact of having a cat as their companion. While approximately 75% of respondents said that they were able to cope with things better overall while having a cat alongside.

Here’s How Having A Kitten Will Be Helpful For Relieving Depression?

Kittens just have the right personality and character in helping people with depression in the following ways.

They are a Source of Unconditional Love

Kittens are all about love. They don’t ask anything in return or make any demands. All they need is a companion which can maintain a relationship with them.

“No drama, no efforts to please anyone — just be there and they will snuggle onto you”

They Induce A Feeling Of Responsibility

Kittens are like babies. They need as much care as a baby would require. So, when you a kitten with you, naturally a sense of responsibility develops towards them.

It’s like you are responsible for a living being. This process helps to develop feelings of happiness, and emotion of being worthy of something.

They Help to Break the Monotony

It’s like you have a playmate alongside 24/7. Anytime you get into the zone of darkness or self-pity, it comes curling around you, creating all those “aww” moments. Hence, turning a dull day into a joyous one.

They Enhance Social Engagement

People having depression usually try to cut the ties from the world. Having a kitten often helps to break the ice, while traveling, in social gatherings, and more.

So, while you are trying to sneak out of the room full of people, it will actually help you make the center of attraction.

They Are Best Partners When It Comes to Any Activity

Kittens can be a great companion when it comes to playing a game, joggling, and others. They are sure shot mood boosters.

They can actually be extremely cute especially when they are trying to catch a mouse across the garden or chasing a feather in your garden.

They Induce “Feel Good” Hormones

Studies have shown that petting a kitten triggers those chemicals which significantly boosts mood. So, making you happy with the least amount of stress.

For having these fur balls around, you will require a genuine emotional support animal letter by a certified mental health professional. With this, you will be able to live as well as fly with your emotional support cat without worrying about any additional pet deposits or fees.

While kittens are cute, whichever breed they might be belonging to. But, some breeds can be very effective as an ESA. These include- Persian, Siamese, Russian Blue, American Short Hair, and Ragdolls.

So, when everything seems to be complete darkness, say hello to this fluffy, wide-eyed creature who can make your “not so good day” into a complete excitement with its lively nature.  

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