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How to Prepare for A Move Before A Jersey City Moving Company Arrives

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shutterstock_547444582-min-1024x683.jpgPreparing for the move isn’t easy. It can take weeks or even months. You must start making reservations, designing travel plans and other arrangements so that you don’t have any troubles when the Jersey City moving company arrives at your home.

Before the moving day, you have a lot of work to do, which may make you feel worn out. In this article, we provide some helpful tips on how to prepare for the move to reduce stress before the moving truck arrives. Create a checklist and make proper plans so that you don’t face any problem during the moving process.

Helpful Tips for Preparing for the Move

Check the contract- Every Jersey City moving company has different policies and conditions. Check the contract with your moving company, and thoroughly read the terms and conditions, what they expect from you and what to expect from them.

For example, if you’re required to be available the whole day during the moving process or if the movers will handle everything on their own. How long the packing and loading process will take? If you have any question, call their customer service representative and get answers to your questions before getting started.

Create a list of items to be moved- Make a household inventory before the move to ensure you get everything moved in the new home. Additionally, it will help you—1) have a detailed list of items to be moved so that you can check if something is missing or damaged after the move. 2) file a moving insurance claim if any.

Clean the household appliances- While making the household inventory list, you might have included some of the appliances in the list. It’s good if you clean and pack them in their original boxes to avoid any damage during transportation. If you don’t have the original boxes, just clean the appliances and leave the packing task for the Jersey City movers.

Before cleaning the appliances, make sure you unplug and empty them (such as washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, etc.). If you have some glass items, they would require bubble wrap or other protective packing—don’t forget to tell the movers about this.

Clear the space for the Jersey City movers- Your moving company requires a lot of space to park the truck and load the boxes. Thus, make sure you reserve a section of property for the movers to do their job. Remove all your belongings from the walkway, and ensure there will be enough space for movers to carry your furniture, beds and other household belongings.

If you have any question related to making arrangements for the move, you can ask them over the phone.

Donate/dispose of things you don’t need- You may have a wide range of household items you no longer require. Separate them so that the Jersey City moving company doesn’t waste time in packing and loading them. You can dispose of them or donate to neighbors or friends.

Pre-pack small items- It’s good if you pack small stuff so that professional movers can focus on packing and loading large items. Take a look around your house and see which items may benefit from pre-packing to save time.

In conclusion—relocation is never easy. Although by hiring a Jersey City moving company, you can reduce the stress associated with the move, still you need to do proper planning to avoid delays, accidents, etc. Make an excel sheet of the items to be moved and the ones you don’t want to take along with. Clean all the household appliances and pack them in their original boxes. Pre-pack small items so that the movers can focus on packing the important items. Call the movers if you need any help for preparing the move.

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