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5 Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe This Summers

Love the summers! Love the fashion! Ah! Just get me a cooler. The heat is getting too much. But then again, the colors, the fabrics, the breeze. It is definitely my favorite season.

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Yes, fall also is pretty good for fashion, but then there is something “X” about summers. Which is your favorite season? 

It has been a long time since I took a stroll on the beach. The sound of the waves hitting the shore. I would do good with a little sunshine, sand, and sea right now. So, how is your style game going on? 

Let me confess, my life is about two things. My dog Coco and shopping. I cannot live without any of the two. No! Just can’t. I am not a compulsive shopper, it is just that I love shopping. Anyways… so how is your wardrobe shaping up like this summers? 

Here are some must-haves in your wardrobe this Summer

Off-Shoulder Tops: 

Bring out some sexy this summers. The off-shoulder tops have been in the fashion game since the summer of 2016. And no way, your wardrobe can miss out on these this year as well. Try and get one with puffy sleeves. Pair this with white pants and quirky sandals. Oh! That will look just so good. 

Floral Prints: 

Summers are all about pastel colors and prints. And florals is a definite must-have in your wardrobe. You know, they have always been in, then let’s see how you can wear them the 2019 style. The easiest is to wear floral tops. Crop tops are one way you can get into the floral game hard. Or rock a denim jean with some subtle floral print on the side. Ah…Now I want one for myself! 

Hat & Aviators: 

It’s summer. Be it 1989 or 2019, hats and aviators will never go out of fashion. Everyone should own them. Yes, everyone! Aviator is just timeless. Its shape is always stylish and goes with everything you wear. When it comes to hats, there are so many styles, which one do you like? I personally prefer the rancher style. Now add this with the protection it provides against the harmful UV rays of the Sun especially when on a beach. 

Oversized Dresses: 

Looking for something to match your inner sassiness, an oversized dress will definitely get that cool out of you. Tropical prints are one to go for. Imagining yourself in the dress? I have already done that. It looks great, right? It sure will. 

Shorts & White Sneaks: 

What is more comfortable than denim shorts with sneakers. This is an all-out must-have in your wardrobe. I know it is common, but this is one of the best summer combinations out there. You can never wrong with this combination. And the best thing is that this goes with every top. 

The wardrobe now seems better. Definitely an upgrade from last year. Summers are great for fashion. There is just so much you can do. The best fashion advice you need this summers is to go for comfort over bling.

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