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Can I Get An Emotional Support Animal Letter For More Than One Animal

If you look at a house crammed with cats, dogs, birds, ducks, and rabbits. What will be your first impression? Some might be oblivious of the fact that “more the merrier” can be easily implied in this situation.

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While others may add fury to fire, by not giving their consent to it. For example, your landlord might not give you permission to stay with more than two emotional support animals. Will an emotional support animal letter help in this situation?

Let’s find out!

What does the law say?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a person who is medically obliged can keep one or more emotional support animals in possession. Besides this, the law recognizes the need to have emotional support for successful treatment. The law also breaks the act by dictating that the presence of three or even four emotional support animals can cause a societal disturbance. Hence accommodating the animals in varied surroundings is questionable. But, in entirety, you can have three dogs and one cat as ESA animal. Given the fact that traveling by air will not be easy and accommodating, all the animals in one room will be a foolish decision. 

Now that you know keeping more than one ESA is not illegal. How can you protect yourself from false fallacies? 

This is how!

Get an emotional support animal letter that meets all your requirements

For the purpose of accommodation, it is necessary to know that ADA does not exactly mention how many animals you can possess. But acknowledges the fact people might need more than one animal to treat a specific disability. This is why landlords need to meet their terms with the tenant. If you have an ESA letter for the same make sure a valid authorized doctor has mentioned that you will require more animals for emotional support. If the letter clearly states that each pet you have supports you in some way, landlords will not make a big deal about it. Because you will have enough evidence to support your statement.

On the other hand, more animals mean more space. In terms of providing the best environment and basic amenities, nothing should be ignored. From vet concerns, grooming and cleaning, individuals in need of one or more pet have to scrutinize all the aspects. So, make sure you have all the factors considered first.

Travelling is also another factor that has to be scrutinized before. A certified letter from a certified doctor will permit you to fly with several animals. Not twenty or thirty at a time of course. But in case you have to fly with two dogs and a cat at the same time, you have to be supportive of airline rules too. Like keeping them on your lap, around and under your seat. So book your seat well ahead of time and make sure you have everything sorted. 

Usually, U.S. Airlines will not devoid you of your pets but if you have trained your pets well and know exactly how to get a hold of them, you shouldn’t have any issue flying. No major complaints have been filed against ESA owners yet for damaging the plane in any way. Also, contact the airline official first and define your condition and reason to fly with more than two emotional support animals. Confirm and be cautioned when flying with all your lovely pets. Majorly always have an emotional support animal letter before you head out of the home.

An ESA letter for more than one support animal

Always remember that an official letter from a certified doctor will let you have the privilege of flying in and around the USA without severe obligations. Also, let you live freely in an apartment keeping aside “no pets in the house” policy. In addition to this, emotional support animal letter should have this information clearly stated in black and white. 

Therefore, Now you need to analyze all the various aspects and decide whether or not you need several animals to support your mental illness. No support is less when you look at people suffering from mental illness of varied types. People and laws will definitely support you. But you need to be cautioned about certain aspects when planning to buy more than one pet to support your condition.  

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