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Attention: Do you think that your bathroom is super clean?

You decided to clean your bathroom today. Spent an hour cleaning the floor, washbasin, and the windows. Took one glance and heaved a sigh of relaxation.

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You thought to yourself that the bathroom has been cleaned immaculately and ended up unwinding everything. But pay attention to what cleaning services in NYC have to say. 

They will probably ask you to get up and check the shower curtains. Did you find shower gel or soap stains on them? Now take a peek behind your toilet. I am sure you found endless stains. So do you still think that your bathroom is clean as new? Of course, it is not. It is human nature to miss minute details. Even when cleaning. We tend to clean everything that is in front of our eyes and easily reachable. But somewhere deep down we all know a few areas require special attention. 

So let us delve deep into the system of bathroom deep cleaning. Find out what was left and clean it thoroughly. 

Shower curtains

The most used part of the bathroom! Every time you take a shower, shampoo or soap is splattered across the curtains. If you ignore cleaning the curtains there will be a time when those stains will start changing the color of the curtains. So what can you do to clean them? Put them in the washing machine, add some vinegar or baking soda. You can also add washing powder to the water and let it run for a good 10 minutes. In a fraction of time, the curtains will be spotless. 

Hidden corners of the toilet seat

A slight peek behind the toilet seat can give you a heart attack. The longer you ignore the more you will suffer. Plus it is also not good from the hygiene point of view. Toilet seats have maximum germs. You certainly don’t want to get infected. So make sure that you clean the front, back, corners, and sides thoroughly. Spray disinfectants all over, scrub the stains if needed and ensure a healthy environment. 


Each and every conduit in your bathroom can get clogged. Rust like stains starts showing up. This is the only place where maximum dirt gets assembled. Drains under the sink and other corners of the bathroom should be cleaned from the top first. If you want to avoid clogging either add baking soda down the drain or clean the drain with the help of cleaning services NYC. You can also use a cleaning brush or a wire to take the dirt out of the pipe. Never forget to keep the stopper intact, to prevent unwanted material from passing through the conduits. 

Door knobs and handles

Most of the times we forget to clean the door handles. Though we all know you touch them almost a hundred times in a day. Every time you leave them unclean, the chances of carrying bacteria increases. Sterilize them with disinfectants or scrub them regularly. In addition to this, give the same treatment to all the cabinet handles, towel holders, shower, taps, toilet paper, and cloth holders. 

Exhaust fan

Start by removing the fan from its location. Use secondary help and carefully remove all the wings. You can clean each blade manually or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. If you feel the fan has stubborn stains, simply put the fan in detergent or soapy water and wipe it off using a cloth. Reassemble all the parts and carefully put the fan back in its place. The best way to use a bathroom exhaust fan is to run it while bathing and then leave it on for at least 15 minutes afterward. 

Window and door tracks

There are certain corners or you can say spaces that accumulate dirt and mildew over time. To clean them, use a tiny scrubbing brush that perfectly fits these tracks. First, get rid of all the dust and then wipe off all the stains. Door tracks are easily noticeable. You can purify them without much trouble. Use a wiping cloth, add a cleanser and you will be good to go. 

So what did you miss while cleaning? The door knobs or the drains? If you have the time and energy to take the task on your shoulders get started, or else hire professional cleaning services NYC for bathroom cleaning alone. Hope all these points will help you keep the bathroom spick and span. 

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