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Top Ten Smartphones under $500 Updated List September 2019

Smartphones are, well, I do not have to pour my heart on the fact how more significant an impact smartphones have on our lives at the moment. These smartphones technically are the self-made the fifth limb, if you may, and these things are fantastic objects.

Okay, so now that we have established, “smartphones are mini gods,” come move to another step of it.

We all know someone who needs to buy a phone always. And I guess 80% of the people first ask their pals for suggestions before buying it. Well when some are blessed with some smart-ass friends, some have to take a peek on the internet. So, for the second ones, here is the list of top ten cheaper smartphones, available in the market today:

1. OnePlus 5T

With a six GB RAM and 3300 mAh battery, this phone is a commercial catch. 6.01 inches diagonally and a borderless 18:9 screen is one more plus in 5T’s cart. If you are looking for a big phone, now your search is over. The phone has proper 64 GB internal storage, and it supports VoLTE and 4G too. Android 7.1.1 promises a great user experience. As of cameras, OnePlus 5T has a killer 16 MP and 20 MP dual-LED cameras. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset weaves graphics of these phones. Oh, and it has amalgamated graphics card Adreno 540. 

2.     Moto Z3 Play

Motorola is giving a fierce competition to the mighty OnePlus 5T. It is 100 bucks cheaper than its rival phone. The battery life is longer, but the processor might be a turnoff for people who love speed. Snapdragon 636 is good enough for some people, but again, not great. 6.01 inches display is a plus point, which is of OLED technology, that is great again, and is full HD with 2160X 1080p quality another tick. 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera is quite brilliant, relatively speaking, if you not an Insta freak. 

3.     Google’s Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL

It is a Google product, so it has to be good, there is nothing you can do about it, sorry haters. Google’s Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL both are bomb phones. They are super amazing, Qualcomm’s octa-core chipset is responsible for the graphics and speed. Mid-range SoC with tons of memory is also a plus. One more thing the headphone jacks are finally back. Screens length is pretty lovely too, 5.6 inches and 6.0 inch both are loaded with full HD OLED display. The battery is backed with 3000 and 3700 mAh power. What clears the head even more for this purchase is Android 9 Pie.

4. iPhone 7

I personally hate the iPhone industry and single everyone person using that sh*t of a phone. Nonetheless, some halfwits use this phone and love using it too. So, for all you Apple lovers, iPhone 7 is best. A 4.7 inch LCD is a bit of a concern, but people will soon be returning to small pocket size phones, which makes it a good phone. iPhone seven comes with a 2 GB RAM and with a variant of 32GB or 126 GB memory, and well let’s not talk about the battery time. We know how “good”, apple is with its running time, promise. *cough, well they are not, cough again* Cameras of this lowlife phone are 12 MP and 7 MP for rear and front respectively. They can be lousy at giving you running time but, god knows how good apple cameras are, they are fantastic! What is the only thing I like about this phone is that it is somewhat quick and doesn’t lag? But again, Apple shows us how to hate it, by plucking out the earphone jack. I loathe the people who use these phones, no offence. 


5. Motorola Moto G7 Plus

Yes, another Motorola phone on the list, I personally liked their Moto series ever since they came out in 2013. They have this X factor which other smartphones in the market doesn’t have.  Lingering back on the Motorola Moto G7, it is one hell of a phone, which will cost you just $300. This first was released on 7th of the February 2019. It came out with as many as four variants which are new in the phone market, it factually never happens. The four variants of the phone are G7, G7 Power, G7 Plus and G7 Play. In the speciation section, Motorola Moto G7 Plus has Android 9 Pie and a 6.2 inches screen. It has LTPS LCD for a display that forms 2270 X 1080 quality. Moto G7 Plus has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, which you can expand to 512 GB. With 16 megapixel rear and 12 MP front camera, it has got quite a lens on both sides. 3000 mAh battery is supporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor with 1.8GHz Octa-core CPU, which promises a day-long running time. Overall a great phone, especially for a $300 phone.

6. Galaxy A50 

As much as iPhone users will love to hate the Samsung phones, we are in a world of people who will still use Samsung phones. These are good phones, and Galaxy A50 is a great phone too, I mean for 350 bucks, it is a steal. Talking about the screen, it has a Super AMOLED edge to edge one, which has is 6.4 inches long; this screen displays an image with quality of 2340 X 1080. On the processor part, A50 is running on an Octa-core, ARM Cortex-A73, 64-bit and 2300 MHz processor. The RAM and internal storage is kind of standard. It has a 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB internal storage, which one can expand up to 512 GB. All these dynamics are backed up by a 4000 mAh battery which is kind of awesome. Samsung phones are notoriously famous for performing poor on battery game, which shouldn’t be a case in this one. 

7. LG G8 ThinQ

Well, here we go we have our first LG phone on the list. It touches the absolute height with the price tag of $500 a piece. One of the biggest reasons that this phone is on the list is that it has a metal body but a glass body. The phone is water and dust resists. You have three colour choices with red, black, and grey. For the screen, it has a 1440p FullVision AMOLED display that is 6.1″ long. Mighty is running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 system. Well, you are paying a pretty penny, so you are getting a pretty present too. 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage promises speed and plenty of room for your data. A unique feature of this phone is its wireless charging option, which is pretty cool. Another cool feature of the phone is its AirMotion gesture control. G7’s biometric options are present in G8 too, and in addition to it, it has brand new Hand ID technology. With the Hand ID tech on, the phone reads user’s hand patterns and circulatory, super amazing! All these features are pretty okay but what caught my attention was the sound of this phone. G8 comes with a Boombox speaker just like its previous version G7 but has additional Crystal sound. Samsung is supporting the Google Assistant like everything as they gave this phone a select button for it. The bixy button launches Google Assistant when pressed and launches Google Lens when double-tapped. Oh, and the cameras are great too 32 MP front camera, and in the rear, it has three lenses, primary, wide-angle and telephoto lens. Another awesome feature? You can now switch cameras while recording the video. 

8. Nokia 7.1

Hey, now don’t you judge a phone just because they took a nosedive after ruling the market for a decade, this is what happened to Manchester United. Nokia rejected android when it entered the market and had to face to consequences of not adopting the change. But, they are bouncing back in the business with some good phones, Nokia 7.1 is one such reviving phone. This phone is available in the market since October 2018 and people are liking it a lot. It comes with an IPS LCD capacitive, 5.84 inches screen with 16 million colours. Nokia 7.1 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo but is upgradable to 9.0 pie. Qualcomm SDM636 Snapdragon 636 is what the phone runs on. The memory of the phone is somewhat standard with 64GB only, and RAM stands on 4 GB. Back camera supports 12 MP with Dual Pixel PDAF and a depth sensor; it captures 2160@30fps FYI. The front or selfie camera is powered with 8 Mega Pixels and can record 1080p at 30 frames per second. No radio in this phone and USB support of 2.0 will may turn off the audience a bit, but it still is a good phone. Fingerprint lock, gyro, compass, proximity and accelerometer are some of the features that will lure you into buying it. 7.1 comes with a non-removable Li-Ion 3060 mAh battery which supports fast battery charging. And to be fair no one had a single doubt on Nokia’s battery backup. They are batman of the market in this scene.

9. Huawei P20

Just a year ago, in 2018, Huawei replaced Apple for world’s number 2nd Smartphone manufacturers. Number one on the list is Samsung by the by, for your knowledge. And it is phones like Huawei P20 which makes it so high in the market. To be fair, when I first saw this phone, I thought okay, so they have copied it from iPhone X. The size and design are somewhat similar, but it will cost you nothing close to it. The current rate of Huawei P20 on Amazon is $468.69. And the current price of iPhone X on the same site is $999, you can see the difference yourself. It is competing with the likes of greats in the market, Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, it offers 5.8 inch HD display which goes on edge to edge. Face identification is available in this phone, which is backed with authoritative, Huawei Kirin 970 processor. 4 GB RAM and 128 GB for storing data is not too much, but will be enough and is common in this range of phones. The phone supports microSD and has two cameras on the back. And the last one, it comes with a fingerprint scanner, just saying!


10. Honor 10

Honor 10 is nothing if not a grand phone at the end of this list. Journey to the top for the company Honor is somewhat sinuous. What militates this phone from taking out of this list is its extraordinary speed. Honor 10 is available in the market since May 2018. It is a dual SIM phone with IPS LCD and 16 M colours and comes in a size of 5.84 inches. Resolution of the phone is accurate at 1080 X 2280 pixels. Honor 10 comes with Android 8.1 and soon upgrades to Android 9.0 Pie. Chipset for this phone is Hisilicon Kirin 970, CPU is Octa-core, which is pretty powerful. One big downfall which I see on this phone is that it has no card slot but only internal memory. The smartphone comes with three variants, with 64 GB memory and 4 GB Ram, with 128 GB memory and 6 GB RAM and 128 GB memory along with 8GB Ram. For the camera section, it has dual cameras with 16MP and 24 MP in the back. The LED flash, HDR and panorama are some other camera features.  The front camera of the phone is 24 MP, which is useful if you are a selfie addict. Just like the rest of the phone on the list, the fingerprint sensor is present, which amazingly in the front.  The battery of the phone is irremovable but is excellent and robust with 3400 mAh power. 

Over and Out 

So, these are some phones which will help you live a better life. Also, these phones are made for going strong, and the lifeline for these are quite long. Have other phones in mind under the belt of $500? Let us know in the comment section, and we will review them for you. 

Happy shopping!

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