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5 famous winter sports you should try

I understand the weather outside is gruesome, there is a chill in the air and the blizzards make it even more worse. Under these circumstances, one can only think about hibernation. Although hibernation means that besides food and sleep you will also have a holiday Netflix watch list lined up.

But you don’t need to spend the entire winter season curled inside a blanket or in front of an idiot box. There is a wonderful and adventurous winter world waiting for you. If you are willing to step outside the threshold you will experience winter has so much to offer than running noses and steamy breath. So, get ready to explore the winter world, put on your jacket and indulge in the winter sports list we have prepared for you. 


You can never get enough of winter mountaineering. It is filled with gusto, valor and adventurous spirit. If hiking is your thing, mountaineering is one sport you should try. Although mountaineering is a broad term but in this case, it usually involves climbing snow-covered terrains. 

Mountaineering also requires special gears and whereabouts. So, don’t forget to catch up on all the items before you take a short trip up the hill. In addition to this, you have to remember that mountaineering can be rigorous. It is similar to an intense workout – good for you if you plan on losing extra fat and even better for people who regularly go to the gym. You should definitely give mountaineering a try. You can start with the small hills and gradually climb a bigger one. 


When most of the world is covered in snow you will definitely look for an excuse to not work. The chills will get to you and thick snow will rule out your thinking. But if you muster courage and step into the snow with your special snow boots, your chills will go away in a minute. Not only this, but snowshoeing is also one of the simple winter adventures. All you have to do is spend a little amount of money on a good pair of shoes and sticks. Once you have the gear, step outside in the snow and walk through landscapes covered in snow. 


Skiing is one of the most adventurous and exciting winter sports. If you haven’t tried skiing yet then you are definitely missing out on something good. In fact, you don’t even have to gather winter gear for this particular sport. Several winter sports federation groups carry out skiing activities. You have to just choose a place, rent a pair of ski and shoes and you will be good to go. Additionally, winter sports like these require you to have some basic knowledge. So, make sure you first take help from a ski instructor. Skiing under supervision will help you break the ice instead of your bones. 

dogs who are good at protecting

Skiing is also part of the national sports and it is widely acknowledged all over the world. You can choose any place but Zermatt, Whistler, and Park City are some of the famous spots for both snowboarding and skiing. So, hurry up and grab your glasses, a pair of gloves and get ready to swiftly slide over crisp and fresh snow. 

Ice Boating

Iceboating is quite similar to boating. The only difference is that the boat will be fitted to a pair of ski designed to run over thick ice. There is one thing that you have to definitely keep in mind that boating on ice means serious speed. So, be prepared and ask your instructor to check all the gears before you surf over frozen water. Not only this but this particular winter sport will also allow you to experience serene views while you cut through propelling winds. Keep your smartphone ready to make some videos!

Snow tubing

Snow tubing is, of course, a little bit different than the rest of the winter games. First, because you can spin round and round while going down a slope and second you don’t need special gear, besides a tube to play this game. Snow tubing can be a great experience for both adults, kids, and even dogs who are good at protecting. Now, all you have to do is search for viable websites offering services like these. Once you find one, they will charge you by the hour and don’t worry the cost will never burn a hole in your pocket. Also, tubing offers you a different yet exhilarated sliding experience. So, what are you waiting for, search for tubers online and take your fellow friends on an adventurous excursion. 

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