Why do Americans Love Medical Cannabis so Much?
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Why do Americans Love Medical Cannabis so Much?

Over the years, medical cannabis has become a trustworthy friend of millions of Americans. It has evolved into a craze where even the celebrities can’t stop gushing about its benefits. That’s right! From professional basketball players to reality TV stars, everyone is a big fan of medical cannabis.

Still don’t believe me? Here’s a fact about a hemp derivative, CBD. According to a recent study, the CBD market has the ability to reach $20 billion by the year 2024. And if we talk about medical marijuana, the number of people consulting New York medical cannabis doctors is rising everyday. 

But, why is it so popular? Why do Americans love it so much? Let me give you not one but four reasons why the popularity of medical cannabis is set to increase over time. 

It’s Legal in 36 States

Marijuana legalization is a big issue in the United States. Some states have fully decriminalized and legally allowed medical as well as recreational use while others are against using cannabis as a medication. But, despite such rocky waters, as many as 36 US states have legalized medical marijuana. And the number keeps growing. 

And as for CBD. Almost every state in the US allows the legal use of CBD oil. Even states like Texas and Georgia where cannabis isn’t legalized, people can use CBD oil legally. So, if you aren’t comfortable using medical cannabis, CBD is a great alternative. 

In either case, it is important to talk to cannabis doctors so that you have a smooth experience with medical cannabis, as well as CBD.

It’s Therapeutic

Medical cannabis is therapeutic. It can alter your brain functions and react with the receptors in the body to deliver therapeutic effects. It can be anti-inflammatory, sleep inducing, anti emetic and pain-relieving. These multiple effects is the reason why medical cannabis is a viable solution for medical conditions such as glaucoma, chronic pain, severe nausea and chronic pain. 

For those who wish to try medical cannabis but are not ready to try the herb so soon, CBD is a great option. CBD is psychoactive like medical cannabis but it is not intoxicating. You can have a CBD gummy before visiting your family in a different city or use your CBD Vapes just before your important presentation at the office. It will give you all the therapeutic benefits you need without any intoxication. 

It is Natural and Safe

People most commonly consult medical cannabis doctors in New York for anxiety, depression and pain. Generally, people use prescribed medications such as SSRIs, antidepressants and opioids for these health conditions. Each of these medications are made in labs and have side effects too. Take opioids for instance. They create dependence in the user and can even lead to opioid use disorder. 

If you use medical cannabis, you do not have to worry about any side effects or harmful chemicals. All medical cannabis products are made from the cannabis plant which is natural and safe. And if you are buying your cannabis product from a licensed store, it adds to the safety aspect by ensuring that it does not contain any residual solvents. 

Medical cannabis is also safe because it does not come with the risk of a fatal overdose and severe side effects. This aspect makes it a natural as well as a safer option than pharmaceuticals.  

It’s Effective!

If you’ve heard good things about medical cannabis, don’t take it as an exaggeration of the truth. Because all the praises are completely true. Medical cannabis is not over hyped. It is as effective as it claims to be. 

If you dig a little around the internet, you will find several studies that prove the medicinal properties of cannabis. It is pain relieving, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, sleep inducing and very good for your skin. In fact, a lot of beauty products have the cannabinoid CBD in them that can help with acne and give your skin a new glow. Women also use medical cannabis for health issues such as menstrual cramps and endometriosis. 

With such a great record, it makes sense for doctors to recommend using medical cannabis. You can consult cannabis doctors online today to learn if you qualify for a recommendation or not. 


Medical cannabis is great not only as a means to achieve therapeutic effects but also as an addition to your daily life. It’s legal in 36 states, therapeutic, natural, safe and very effective. So, if you are considering adding medical cannabis to your life, there is no better time than now. Visit nymedicalcard.com to connect with a doctor for an online consultation. 

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