4 Methods to Fix Hard Water Damage To Your House

4 Methods to Fix Hard Water Damage To Your House

Have you ever noticed a thin film on your hand after a wash? If so, then your household is running on a hard water supply. Imagine what that would do to your kitchen utensil and pipes. Moreover, there could be a negative impact on your skin and hair from long-term use. Since hard water contains a lot of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which block the skin pore, hence it takes more water to remove the soap. Furthermore, hard water makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate. 

In most cases, using hard water causes skin dryness and reduces hair strength. When left untreated, it could even cause hair loss. Hard water isn’t fatal, but it can diminish your skin health. For example, hair breakage, dry scalp, thinning, dullness, and frizziness are common symptoms of poor hair health.

Skin Irritation Issues

Washing with hard water will leave the soap behind, hence it causes a lot of skin issues such as itchiness. Sometime’s minerals are left on the surface of the skin which block the pores. In some cases, children develop skin conditions like eczema, and hard water makes it only worse.  

Impact on laundry

Another reason you’d need a whole house water softeners is because hard water doesn’t get soap off the clothes. The elements like calcium and magnesium make it difficult to rinse off extra form. That said, when you use hard water, you have to use more detergent. Also, it might cause an iron stain on bathroom fixtures. 

Repair Skin and Hair Damage 

Following are a couple of ways to hard water hair damage treatment

Rank #1 Whole House Water Softeners

Water softening solutions help in transforming hard water into soft water. While it might still contain some minerals but the concentration is low. In other words, you get much cleaner and healthier water. The best method to safeguard your skin and hair is to install a whole house water softener at home. It’s a cost effective option compared to what you pay for hair and skin treatments. 

Rank #2 Clarifying Shampoo

Using a clarifying shampoo provides a number of benefits. First, it helps to revive hair damage because of hard water. Also, it helps in restoring the hairs. Unlike traditional shampoos, which are great to keep your hair and scalp clean on a daily basis. But, when you need a deep clean, you’d want to use a clarifying shampoo.  

Rank #3 Apply Masks 

To restore your moisture, leverage hair and skin masks. A face mask nourishes and hydrates your skin. Similarly, hair masks work in boosting the condition and health of your hair. Less frizz, stronger hair, added moisture, softer hair and a healthy scalp etc are all the benefits of using a hair mask

Rank #4 Try Home Remedies 

Bananas are good for reducing frizz. You can include a hair mask. The compound found in it called silica helps you to make your hair softer and shiner. Eggs are filled with nutrients, also it include Vitamin A and E, biotin and folate which promotes hair growth. Apart from it, you can use honey, olive oil, and aloe vera. 

Hair Wash and Hard Water 

You can prevent hard water damage using a simple hair-washing technique. Yes! You do have an option of showering with hard water and limiting the negative impact. 

Focus on the scalp, especially in case you are not using a clarifying shampoo. The sulfate one really works well in removing excess oil and debris. 

Wrapping Up 

Because of the high quality of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, water becomes hardened. As a result, it causes damage to skin, hairs, and even to kitchen utensils and household pipes. When left unchecked, it can lead to hair fall and various skin conditions. To protect yourself and your loved one from hard water, use whole house water softeners and aforementioned techniques.  If you are having a tough time cleaning your house, do get professionals to help you out.

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